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[20.09.2017] Sales and reexport beat record.

There is an increase in sales of new cars. The neighbouring countries are also buying in Poland due to the convenient EURPLN exchange rate. In the first half of the year the dealers sold 247k of new cars. This is a rise of more than 17% than last year. As an alternative to Diesel, the registrations of Hybrids and electric vehicles increase in numbers as well.

A significant number of buyers are the entrepreneurs, about 70%. The most wanted cars as company vehicles are: Skoda, VW and Toyota. The second place has been taken by Skoda from Opel.

Also in the whole Europe, the sales of new cars rise. DE: 3%, IT: 9%, ES: 7%, FR: 3%; an exception is only the Great Britain, where the decrease of 1% has been noted. If it comes to sales numbers in the EU, the VW is in the lead. One of the main reasons for this increase, is growing in popularity Carsharing.

On the other hand, the Premium cars are sold more often. The reasons are: advantages of VAT reclaiming and expanding offers for leasing and financing possibilities. German concerns have the leading position: BMW - 5,7k of first registrations in the first half of the year, Audi - 5,2k, Mercedes - 1,9k.

There has been min. 4,1k of vehicles with no registration in Poland, that were sold into foreign market, an increase of 57% more than last year. An incentive can be a convenient exchange rate of Polish and Euro currency.




[20.04.2017] The new record of the polish automotive market

Since last 24 months, we observed the continuing trend of increasing sales on the Polish automotive market. According to The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), in March, customers bought more than 49,000 new cars in Poland, this is a 26% growth compared to March 2016.

What is more, the premium segment can benefit from a remarkable dynamic of the increase in sales, which reaches 37%. Based on results for the last 3 months, experts estimate that the sale in 2017 may exceed the record level of the year 2000, when 479,000 cars were sold.

In large part, the good economic situation in the car market is due to the companies that invest in the development of the fleet. The Skoda, Toyota and Volkswagen brands remain the most popular in Poland.



[03.03.2017] Polish car hits of 2017

Here is the list of the 20 most registered car models in Poland. The list applies to the first two months of 2017.

1. Skoda Fabia: 3 160 pieces
2. Skoda Octavia: 2 894 pieces
3. Opel Astra: 2 752 pieces
4. Toyota Yaris: 2 113 pieces
5. Toyota Auris: 2 074 pieces
6. Volkswagen Golf: 1 966 pieces
7. Skoda Rapid: 1 704 pieces
8. Ford Focus: 1 561 pieces
9. Renault Clio: 1 464 pieces
10. Dacia Duster: 1 456 pieces
11. Opel Corsa: 1 412 pieces
12. Toyota C-HR: 1 376 pieces
13. Volkswagen Passat: 1 278 pieces
14. Hyundai Tucson: 1 234 pieces
15. Skoda Superb: 1 201 pieces
16. Fiat Tipo: 1 154 pieces
17. Nissan Qashqai: 1 147 pieces
18. Kia Sportage: 1 042 pieces
19. Toyota Corolla: 1 012 pieces
20. Opel Mokka: 1 002 pieces

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[21.12.2016] Sales in Poland still improves. 

Poland is still among the fastest growing automotive markets in Europe - an increase of 22% compared to November 2015 and 17.2% to the period: January - November 2015.

By November, due to the great misfortunes of the VW Group, most French and Italian manufacturers benefited; however, this favorable moment Is just coming to an end, since the German market leader rises again (market share: 24.4% a year ago and 24.6% presently).

On the Polish market, Skoda, remains on the 1 place, which has also recorded extremely high growth in November - more than 30% Compared to November 2015. The brand already has a 13.9% market share, behind is Volkswagen  with 4.1 thousand cars and an increase of 22%. Another brand on the list of most commonly bought in Poland is Toyota (3586 pieces and an increase of 17.4%) and Opel - 2927 cars and an increase of 22.2%.

[19.09.2016] Sales growth of new cars in Poland. 

Last month on the Vistula river 28 323 new cars were sold, this is as far as 20,2 percent more than last year. This result is significantly better, compared to EU average. Basing on the newest data provided by European Automobile Manufacturers' Association, it is clear that car dealerships had a busy August. An average new car sales increased by 10 percent compared to August 2015. Poland showed an impressive performance with one fifth more cars registered than the same period last year. Skoda is still a leader on the polish market with 12,5 percent market share. Second is Toyota just before Volkswagen on the third place. The most popular model is Skoda Octavia with Fabia on the second place and Opel Astra on third. 

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