Irydium operates as a business-to-business (B2B) agent for firms that work in the automotive industry. The B2B business model facilitates the supply of competitively priced new cars to our clients and allows us to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with them. This specialist cooperation has also enabled us to deliver excellent customer satisfaction.


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[21.12.2016] Sales in Poland still improves. 

Poland is still among the fastest growing automotive markets in Europe - an increase of 22% compared to November 2015 and 17.2% to the period: January - November 2015.

By November, due to the great misfortunes of the VW Group, most French and Italian manufacturers benefited; however, this favorable moment Is just coming to an end, since the German market leader rises again (market share: 24.4% a year ago and 24.6% presently).

On the Polish market, Skoda, remains on the 1 place, which has also recorded extremely high growth in November - more than 30% Compared to November 2015. The brand already has a 13.9% market share, behind is Volkswagen  with 4.1 thousand cars and an increase of 22%. Another brand on the list of most commonly bought in Poland is Toyota (3586 pieces and an increase of 17.4%) and Opel - 2927 cars and an increase of 22.2%.


[19.09.2016] Sales growth of new cars in Poland. 

Last month on the Vistula river 28 323 new cars were sold, this is as far as 20,2 percent more than last year. This result is significantly better, compared to EU average. Basing on the newest data provided by European Automobile Manufacturers' Association, it is clear that car dealerships had a busy August. An average new car sales increased by 10 percent compared to August 2015. Poland showed an impressive performance with one fifth more cars registered than the same period last year. Skoda is still a leader on the polish market with 12,5 percent market share. Second is Toyota just before Volkswagen on the third place. The most popular model is Skoda Octavia with Fabia on the second place and Opel Astra on third. 


[07.06.2016] Electric cars not popular in Poland

In the first four months of the current year 44 electric cars were registered in Poland. This number reflects only 0,03 % of the total registered cars in Poland during this period. However, year to year significant increase in sales can be noticed. In 2015 after for months number of 32 cars was registered and only 24 cars in 2014 in the similar period. The reason why Poles are not interested in e-cars are high prices of electric cars and lack of the power supply stations.


[12.01.2016] Boom for new cars in Poland.

In 2015 there were 352 k motorcars registrations, 8% more than in the previous year and top result since 2004. Only in December there were 37,2 k new cars registered, 26% more than in 2014 and almost one fourth more than in November. There is a 40% registration increase in Mercedes, Skoda and Volkswagen. It can be a result of re-export. In 2014 there were at least 33,6 k new cars registered. Registration of mid-size cars raised 6,7%, whereas of premium car even 21,2% (compared to 2014-11,1% and 2013-8,8%). German concerns are in the lead of premium cars: BMW (9,6 k in 2015 und incl. the brand Mini-10,7 k) before Mercedes (8,4 k) and Audi (8 k). Among mid-size cars, second year in a row wins Škoda (44,5 k registrations in 2015) before Volkswagen (35,7 k), Toyota (only 43 registrations fewer) and Opel.


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