About us

Irydium is an international car dealer. For ten years, every week, we have regularly delivered cars to specialized companies all over Europe.

We strive to keep our clients coming back to us through professionalism and quality of our services. Long term relations with our customers is our priority.

That is why it does not matter whether we sell a single car or make a large delivery, the most important thing is that the customer feels that he or she has a trusted partner in us.

Irydium is a group of friends who started this adventure together a decade ago. Although we have different characters and interests and our team is growing, we still manage to work with a sense of humor and a smile on our lips.


Extensive experience gained on domestic and foreign markets allows us to choose the best solutions and share them with our clients.

This applies to both the offer in the strict sense as well as the method and form of service, which is our competitive advantage on the market.

We are aware that the contracts we carry out have a high financial value, therefore we treat each offer as well as customer comments and needs with special care and attention, additionally following internal procedures.

Saying that work is our passion is a bit “hackneyed”, although in our case it takes on a new meaning. Yes! We like what we do and we hope that this enthusiasm is also shared by our clients.


We are a company with an international character, both in terms of business activities and personnel. This unique conglomerate has developed an effective culture of the company’s functioning, which, drawing on the best models, translates into every character of our work.

With a stable, constantly expanding team of employees, we are open to both a new perspective on running a business, but also new markets or cooperation formats. Innovation is our driving force. We cover practically every sphere in our company, so we invite you to get to know it and see that you will gain by allowing us to take care of your needs.

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